iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air: Is It Worth Your Money?

iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air: Is It Worth Your Money? iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air: Keynote by Apple Last Octoberthe good folks at Apple released their highly anticipated next generation iPad, the iPad Air 2. 2013's release, the iPad Air (also known as the iPad 5) was a phenomenal gadget. It had a fast processor, decentcamera, qualitydisplay and so much more. This time around, can Apple push the boundary once again and improve on a product that is already competent in serving its purpose?
iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air
iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air: Thinnest iPad ever We will make a comparison between the old and new, and find out if the all new iPad Air 2 is worth your money. We will also compare it with one of its strongest competitors and see who wins this round of thebattle of the best tablet.
iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air vs Galaxy Tab S
iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air
iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air: thinness of iPad Air 2 The most noticeable improvement on the iPad Air 2 aesthetically is its thinness. It is the thinnest iPad ever. Holding the iPad Air 2 at first felt very awkward. It is very light that it doesn't feels like your holding one of the most technologically advanced products ever. That's how mind-blowing light and thin the iPad Air 2 is. iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air display The improvements on the iPad Air 2's appearance are certainly a reflection of its improvements inside. The all new iPad is equipped with the A8 chip. This improves performance tremendously. Playing video games on it was a seamless experience, as there was no lag time or jerking and everything loaded quickly. TechTip:Video games, especially sophisticated ones with the best graphics, demand a lot of processing power. This is a great and practical way to determine how fast and powerful a gadget's processor is. If the game plays smoothly with less lagging, it is an indicator that the processor is quite powerful. The opposite is also true. However if you want quantified results, use a measuring app for processing power like 3D Mark. The most exciting improvement on the iPad Air 2 is the display. iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air display The display on the iPad Air 2 has been improved to a standard that matches theiPhone 6range. Although still the same in size as the predecessor, this new one is equipped with over 3 million pixels. It displays graphics in a very deep and rich manner. This made working (and playing) on the iPad Air 2 exciting and addictive to an extent, thanks to the new interface features of iOS 8. The screen on the iPad Air 2 comes with an anti reflection coating that will improve screen visibility when outside on a bright sunny day. 5 Essential iPad Accessories Worth Your Money iPads in the past had an average working camera, nothing to ride home about. Apple has noticed that more and more people actually do make use of their camera on their iPad. The iPad Air 2 comes with the best camera ever on an iPad. On the iPad Air 2 we had for this review, the depth and quality of pictures blew us away. No one on the team is a fan of using tablets to take pictures, but after experiencing this next level of quality, in the near future we might abandon our smart phones for the iPad Air 2 for taking pictures. iPad Air 2 has Touch ID which guarantees information in your iPad is always secure. It worked very well in recognizing my finger print with no mishaps and purchasing items in the App Store with Touch ID was very simple and straight forward. What is Touch ID?This is Apple's finger print recognition system that uses your finger print to lock and unlock your device. It can also do more, such as enabling you to make secure purchases on the App Store and to make use of Apple's latest technology, Apple Pay.
  • The display makes everything come to live with vivid and rich graphics
  • It's the ultimate tablet. Feels great in your hands after getting used to its super light dimensions
  • Processing power for the iPad Air 2 is not as powerful as competitors but somehow Apple manages to get more punch from less hardware than competitors can with more processing power.
  • You can get more storage for less money than you would with the outgoing iPad Air
iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air - What we didn't like
The iPad Air 2 is a great tablet, however it does have some short comings. The anti-reflective coating on the display didn't do much to improve screen visibility outdoors during the day time. There is a noticeable improvement, but it's not a big improvement that the average usermight not even notice it. Apple is known for making revolutionary gadgets, however with the iPad Air 2 they didn't quite hit that mark. Aside from performance tweaks and slimming it down, there is not much difference from the original iPad Air. The screen size is the same, they both perform the same functions, and nothing really makes the iPad Air 2 standout.
iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S
Both the iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Tab S are equally matched tablets. The Galaxy Tab S on paper has better hardware than the iPad Air 2. It has a bigger RAM (3 GB), faster processor and bigger screen (10.5 inch). The Galaxy Tab S from its previous generation, has improved in quality. It has better materials that give it an elegant, classy look. They also feel better making it easy to work on the Tab S for hours on end without feeling any discomfort. This puts it on the same level of quality as the iPad Air 2. The Galaxy Tab S is a more powerful tablet than the iPad Air 2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S since it was released well before the iPad Air 2, it was the first tablet to have finger print scanning. Or as Apple would call it, Touch ID. This was a noble strategy beating Apple to the punch, but from our time with both tablets, Apple's fingerprint scanning technology (Touch ID) works better than that of the Galaxy Tab S. On more than one occasion it took several trials for the Galaxy Tab S to recognize my finger print. Whereas with the iPad Air 2, it worked smoothly and had less trials before recognizing my finger print. iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air Cameras for both tablets have8 megapixels. The iPad Air 2 took great pictures that looked very realistic. However the camera on the Galaxy Tab S was more captivating to us. It took pictures that were very rich, bright and colourful. This output was not only as a result of a fantastic camera, but a powerful display. It has an updated version of Samsung's super AMOLED display. It has more pixels, among other technical improvements, which enhances the output of anything and makes it more life like. The iPad Air 2 display has good quality as well, with its Retina display technology and reflective coating. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S was released months before the iPad Air 2, and this gives it a great advantage over the Apple iPad 2 in terms of price. The price of a new Galaxy Tab S is more affordable than the base model for the iPad Air 2. In addition, the more storage you want on an iPad Air 2, you have to pay more. Where as with the Galaxy Tab S it is way more affordable to get more storage. Every model can be fitted with an SD memory card in addition to on-board storage. The iPad Air 2 can't do that.
iPad Air 2 - Should You Buy It?
The new iPad Air 2 is a great gadget and the best iPad from Apple so far. It is up against stiff competition from Android tablets especially the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. Both the iPad Air 2 and Tab S are phenomenal gadgets with advanced technology and quality hardware. iPad Air 2 vs iPad Air The iPad Air 2 and the Galaxy Tab S are great and it is a matter of what you as an individual prefer. If you're looking for more bang for your buck, get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. It is more affordable and has more power. If it's precision you are looking for, get the Apple iPad Air 2, its features such as the Fingerprint scanning system (Touch ID) work better than the on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S. However one thing is certain, if you currently have an iPad Air and thinking of upgrading, upgrading to the iPad Air 2 doesn't make sense. Wait for the iPad Air 3 which will have more features or if you can't wait, go for the Galaxy Tab S. It is gives you more bang for your buck.

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