Meerkat-Minded? How Brands Should Approach New Platforms

Meerkat-Minded? How Brands Should Approach New Platforms
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On the other hand, with the proliferation of new formats these days, marketers risk spreading themselves too thin and looking like they're trying too hard if don't show some restraint. After all, does it really help your brand to be on Yo? With well south of 1 million users at this writing and a robust new competitor named Periscope (more on that later), most can probably take their time. Or not. Historically, many brands that colonized new technologies and formats have benefitted from the association by solidifying their image as an innovator with its finger on the pulse of the Zeitgeist. >>> DOWNLOAD:How To Attract More Customers with Facebook Today[Free Guide] It took only few days for brands to jump on board. By the time SXSW Interactive rolled around on March 13, Starbucks, J.C. Penney, and Red Bull had already launched programs on Meerkat. Even though the efforts drew very small audiences-210 people tuned in for Starbucks's not-so-enthralling livecast of coffee roasting-brands fearing they might be left behind might sensibly ask if they needed a "Meerkat strategy." Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. To learn more about how Adobe helps marketers make, manage, measure, and monetize digital content across every channel and screen, visit: by Adobe delivers marketing insights, expertise, and inspiration for and by marketing leaders"all aimed at helping CMOs and senior marketers lead their brands in this new digital world. To help marketers stay informed and save time, features curated content from more than 150 leading sources, in addition to original content from thought leaders at Adobe and across the industry. Like What You Read? Why Not Request Your FreeIntelligent Content Marketing Strategy AssessmentToday?
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