The Truth About P.Y.T.'s

The Truth About P.Y.T.'s

You see them; young, innocent, and so, so blissfully naive. Physically they are well beyond their years, but her age has you pumping the breaks. She's legal, but you feel like your at an unfair advantage. Well this is a situation many men find themselves in during and after college. We are going to break down this complicated subject and offer our opinion on the pros and cons of dating younger women. Grab your popcorn, it's going to get interesting.

They Aren't THAT Innocent

Take it from Brittney Spears (and pre Jessica Beil JT), younger girls aren't as naive as you think. Have you ever wondered why so many clubs welcome 18 year old girls with open arms, but strictlyenforcemen being 21 and up? The other day I went to a club in Dallas where men were required to be 23 to get in. Put simply, more men are willing to date younger women, than the reverse. Of course there are exceptions but the captain of the cheerleaders, in many cases could have her pick whether she was in school or not.

Think of Annie Edison (off of theTVshow, The Community) she is adorable, cute, and polite but she has does have an edge and doesn't mind using what menperceiveof her to her advantage.

Some of these younger "it" girls grow tired of the immaturity of men their age, and since they already receive above average attention from older men, they begin dating them. This means even though you maybe a couple grades higher than her, she may actually have more adult dating experience than you do. This is especially true for college girls, where all bets are off concerning the age of men pursuing them. Now just because they dated older men, doesn't mean they are dating material. Many times older men only want a play thing, and that can leave relationship scars that evencacaobutter can't heal.

They Are Crafty

You may have more money, freedom, and even control of the relationship, but if you get too careless you might learn a lesson or two. Don't misunderstand, they are fully aware of how attractive they are and what features on them have drawn your attention. If you're really not trying to go the younger route, don't let them linger around during happy hours or after hours.

Self-control is not really our gender's strongest calling card (just being honest), and late night company with a very attractive and very eager female is more than most men can handle in one setting (this isn't even referring to when we are drunk). If you think they will go into hiding after finding the chink in your armor you are sadly mistaken. Puppy eyes and guilt trips are soon to follow because you know you enjoyed it, but more importantly she knows you did too.

You Can't Control Them

Your best attempt at being a puppet master will blow up in your face. Having a younger girl on the side may look like an easy pull, but the headache isn't worth it. Success is very slim and ruined relationships are almost a certainty. No matter how much money and time you spend, women want to be the only one in your life if they really care about you (and they have the right to be). Not only are they more erratic and emotional than the women your age, but they don't mind rebelling against you and using childish blackmailing techniques to get what they want.

We have seen enough crappy Tyler Perry movies to know that her camp will be less than pleased to find out their best friend/daughter/sister is head over heels for an olderguy who happens to be in a relationship. You can say you're going to leave her eventually, but when she realizes that you were just pulling her strings things might get a tad messy. She's not going to go after you (unless she's really crazy) her plans are to link up with your girl friend so they can join forces against you.

If you don't care about either, losing both of them might not mean much to you, but this is just a warning that the happy times won't last forever. If you actually care about your girl friend, but just have a soft spot for this younger girl, save yourself the grief. She may adore you but let her pine for you in the distance. Emotions are a crazy things, and in a desperate attempt to have you for keeps, who knows what could happen. If you honestly like the younger girl more than the older one, make the decision. You may feel some shade thrown your way by mutual friends for ditching "someone on your level" for a younger woman, but hey it's your life.

However, If you think young women are crafty, older women hover over everyone in this category. She willpainstakingly make sure you rue the day you stepped out on her with every woman's biggest fear (a younger, hotter version of her).There is a reason why Michael Jackson dedicated a full song to these sirens; they are in many waysirresistible.

Still, you have to weigh yoursituationbefore you decide to indulge in this tempting fruit. If you are just trying to sneak a bite and be on your way, it's a lot less of a hassle to just keep your eyes on home plate.

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