7 Best Twitter Tools for Bloggers

7 Best Twitter Tools for Bloggers

Twitter is one of the top social media websites, and certainly a MUST for every serious blogger out there. Just in the first quarter of this year the network gained 14 million monthly active users. And the numbers continue to increase.

Social media is such a crucial element of any blog's optimization efforts. Being active on Twitter is not optional anymore if you want to expand the reach of your unique and great-quality content. But to stay up-to-date with this constantly-moving real-time social site, you must have the right set of tools. Or, you'll find it hard to truly make an impression.

We talked about Buffer as a scheduling tool for future social posts, and we mentioned HootSuite when we listed Hootlet as recommended social extension for Chrome users. Following are seven new tools for bloggers who want to grow their Twitter presence, and faster and easier manage it. Drop a comment to share the tools and apps that you use to interact with your followers. You may have some better to add to this list.

Target and manage your followers with TweetAdder

As it goes with your blog readers, the best way to build a network of Twitter followers is to (create and) target the content you share specifically to the people who would be interested in it, and who would want to follow you back. TweetAdder is the perfect tool for this. It lets you build a quality following and get lots of traffic along the way.

You can search for targeted people to follow (by keywords, location, etc.), see who follows you back, eventually unfollow those who don't interact or won't follow you, and this way manage a solid and quality base of Twitter following for your content.

Organize and engage with Tweetdeck

You can use other social tools to organize and manage your Twitter account(s), but if you want a Twitter tool, make sure to check TweetDeck. The tool lets you manage multiple accounts in one easy interface, filter and monitor searches based on criteria like engagement, users and content type, schedule tweets for future posting. This can significantly improve your user engagement, and faster and easier connect you to more people who love your content.

Curate interesting and valuable content with Paper.li

To keep followers interested in following you on Twitter you need to constantly provide good quality content. Paper.li is a great tool that lets you identify and monitor influencers and experts in your niche, cover all relevant news in the industry, gather tweets from people who mention you and your blog, curate and easily publish daily content to engage users and attract the best audience for your blog. You can collect and curate the tweets manually or automatically.

Tweet at the right time with Tweriod

You may send the best tweets in the universe (literally!), but if no one is there to see them they'll just disappear; no use for you at all. It is very important to know when your audience is online so your content will get in front of more eyeballs each and every time you tweet.

Tweriod  can give you this data. The tool will analyze the behavior of your followers and, based on their activity, will determine the time of the day when they are most active; - this is the time when you should schedule your best tweets.

Buffer users automatically get suggestions for the best time to tweet based on Tweriod analysis, making sure that all their posts are optimized and will reach more people.

Expand your Twitter reach and boost traffic with Triberr

Every blogger's ultimate goal is more traffic. The greater your following, the bigger the chances other people would be interested in sending you invites too. When people with lots of followers retweet your tweets, itboosts your credibility as well. Triberr is a great way to get to this audience, expand your blog's reach, and improve traffic numbers.

The concept is quite simple - there are tribes centered around specific topics; you can search for the best to join, or create your own tribes to connect with like-minded people. When you tweet something, the post is sent to all tribe members for them to approve, or automatically retweet, and even share it on Facebook. This brings new eyes to your content potentially leading to more traffic for your blog as well.

Market on the go with UberSocial

Now, when social media doesn't sleep, and one in every 5 people on the planet owns a smartphone, UberSocial is the mast-have app for every blogger who wants to stay connected to the readers, and keep the same level of engagement without any drawbacks. It's a fast and user-friendlymobile marketing platform (available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android) with all Twitter functionalities at your fingertips; it lets you read and reply to tweets, have more space to say what you have, check out profiles, and preview your timeline directly from the app.

Track key influencers with Twellow

If industry influencers follow you, it can be an incredible boost to your online authority. To find these people you need Twellow. It's a great tool that lets you search influential Twitter users within your niche or location, which is great for bloggers looking to increase their presence within the local community. Follow these people but make sure to also offer a great quality content that would get them interested into following you back.

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