Digital Marketing Strategy for Coffee Shops - Skyrocketing Your Sales

Digital Marketing Strategy for Coffee Shops - Skyrocketing Your Sales

According to Specialty Coffee Association research, coffee shops that use digital marketing strategies have experienced a 5,380% increase in curbside and pickup sales.

We all know that cafes and small businesses are becoming more aware of the various digital channels and media available to them for marketing their business. Local mediums like Google My Business or Maps are essential in digital marketing strategy for cafes.

This article will discuss digital marketing strategies for cafes and restaurants.

Don't miss this chance to read the digital marketing strategy of a coffee shop.

Folks! Let's get started.

Google Maps

Most coffee shops are located locally. Some cafes serve outside their region, and I'm not disputing this. However, I'm referring to the majority of coffee shops.

I recommend starting with Google My Business if you're a total newbie. Most consumers are becoming more aware of digital channels, platforms, and channels, and you can quickly get your first 100 clients from Google My Business.

You might consider it to be a straightforward process. It is simple!

However, it's only when you put it into practice that it becomes the real challenge.

This is a great strategy for digital marketing in coffee shops, especially if you don't have sufficient funds at the beginning.

Facebook groups

Let's say you have implemented a few digital marketing strategies in your coffee shop using a cheat sheet or guidebook. Then you can start investing in ads on Facebook. I recommend joining popular groups based in your area if you do not have an investment mindset or are afraid of running ads.

This is a straightforward strategy that you can plug in and play.

  • Offer 100% value on the first day.

  • With a small pitch at the end, provide 85 to 90% value for the two days.

  • On the 3 rd Day, 20% of value was added, and then a strong CTA.

Please comment below to let me know your results after using the strategy.

Facebook ads and digital marketing coffee shops are a huge topic that I'd love to discuss in another blog.

Let's find out the next step in digital marketing for coffee shops.

Influencer Marketing

You should find food influencers (specifically Instagram-based) in your area. You can search for them by location on Instagram. By influencers, I also meant micro-influencers with 2k-5k followers, and fashion influencers can work like a charm.

Here's how it works:

  • Ask them to come to visit your coffee shop.

  • Record a vlog of your coffee shop.

  • Give them a freebie, such as "avail any cup of coffee for FREE."

  • Done! You have just reached a thousand people and not spent on marketing.

We're not going to give you any more advice. Let's see the next steps in digital marketing for coffee shops.

Free Coffee for Couples

This is an overall strategy for digital marketing for coffee shops. It works great!

You might think that there will be lots of competition because it is popular. Yes, that is exactly what I believe.

Let's say you have 100 people coming in to get FREE coffee. Then I can guarantee you that at least 20 people will visit your cafe each month, week, and even day.

This digital strategy for the cafe will be successful in 2022 and beyond.

Local digital magazines

A local digital publication could also be a good option for digital marketing in cafes.

Local digital publications will have around 100k followers on Facebook and Instagram. They would also offer pricing options for posting your business banners or essentials to their feed posts.

Although this digital marketing strategy in coffee shops isn't often discussed, it is one of the most effective.


You could organize contests—partner with some popular games by emailing or calling their team. When someone plays the game, they will receive an auto-generated voucher. This is a great way to attract young people through digital marketing.

This blog is about digital marketing strategies for cafes.

If the strategy is not implemented, it will be useless. If you don't understand some terms in the article, I highly recommend reading some actual content on blogs or videos to understand and grasp the content better.

Let me repeat, and the strategies have been tested over 100 times in various niches and businesses. You can plug and play your digital marketing strategy for the cafe.

Let me know if you are interested in writing an article about digital marketing strategies for restaurants. In the meantime, I will do my best to write an article within the next few months.

Two additional points might also be helpful:

  • Ensure that you have an investment mindset when running ads.

  • Please do not lose faith in yourself, and don't let it get you down.


Let me conclude by saying that I think this content is excellent. I'm confident you will face many difficulties applying these strategies to your business. Don't lose heart when you face technical difficulties.

Let me know how you found this article helpful after it has been implemented in your company. Please leave feedback in the comments section.

We wish you success in your cafe.



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