7 Intelligent Ways To Grow Your Business With Marketing Automation Tools

7 Intelligent Ways To Grow Your Business With Marketing Automation Tools

With lead scoring that automatically updates when a lead completes certain actions (such as viewing your pricing page, or scheduling a call), youre able to qualify leads more accurately, ensuring that youre always focusing on those that are hottest and most valuable.

In March 2014, Regalix conducted a study to identify the most common benefits of marketing automation, as told by marketers who had implemented the software.

In every business, you will have a mixture of hot and cold leads. Its common sense to have your sales team focus their efforts on the hottest leads, as they have the highest probability of closing. But, what about those colder leads who arent quite ready to purchase yet? This is where lead nurturing comes in.

Below is an example of a simple lead nurturing campaign that sends a time-activated sequence of educational emails after someone downloads a free report. In each email, the lead is encouraged to request an appointment, which would indicate that they are now a qualified lead and may be ready to buy.

Whats valuable about this is that it provides a completely automated system for converting your cold leads into hot leads. With no ongoing time or effort required from your sales team, they end up with more hot leads on their plate to work with.

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