11 Hidden Facts You Need to Know About Guest Posting

11 Hidden Facts You Need to Know About Guest Posting

A myth circulates among SEO persons as they believe that guest blogging is not good for SEO. However, this is just speculation and nothing more. Guest posting can prove beneficial for achieving a high rank on Google but only if you do it rightly.

Certain rules should be followed when it comes to guest posting and if you are complying with them, things will go smoothly. Here, we have revealed some secret facts about guest blogging that can help you do it efficiently for achieving the desired results. Let’s dive into details:

Best Way to Drive Traffic

Guest blogging is one of the impressive ways to drive traffic to a website however, make sure to do it efficiently. Let’s understand the basic concept of guest posting first. It basically requires publishing the blogs and articles on High DA websites that allow guest posting.

You will need to send them a blog and if they agree to publish it, you’ll be good to go. However, make sure you comply with their guidelines as the blog should not contain direct marketing whereas careful topic selection is also important.

It is Not Bad for SEO

We need to come out from this myth that guest blogging is bad for SEO because it is not. The basic purpose of SEO is to bring targeted traffic to the site and guest blogging supports this objective. When you provide the link to your own website, traffic from the publisher’s site is redirected to the main page and this is how more people visit that page.

However, while doing so, make sure to not violate the guidelines described by Google. These days, almost every online business prefers to rely on guest posting for more traffic and improved ranking.

Selection of High DA Publisher is Important

When you write blogs for getting published as guest posts, it is crucial to select a high DA publisher because such sites already have a strong online presence. Readers do not bother if a blog is a guest post as they keep reading while assuming that the article is originally from the publisher’s site. However, they click the link mentioned in the blog and get redirected to the guest’s site.

So, when you decide to publish content, make sure you check the DA first and then read the guidelines to write accordingly. For example, some guidelines may mention adding an image or internal linking so you’ll have to do the same to get the article accepted.

Choose a Topic that can Benefit Business Goal

When you write a guest post, it is vital to choose a topic that can benefit the business goal. For example, if your site is related to wine, you will have to write articles accordingly. This will help in getting targeted traffic as people who like to read about wine would also like to buy it online.

Try to avoid CTA (call to action) while writing an article because it will lead to direct marketing and the blog may get rejected. However, you can tell the pros of wine for indirect marketing. This will help in inviting more people who actually take interest in a similar product.

Do Research

High DA websites do not publish sub-quality articles or ones that contain random information. So, it is crucial to do research about a topic before you start writing about it. This will help in collecting facts and ultimately, you can mention those facts in the blog for giving an impressive touch.

However, try to do smart research as you should not invest unnecessary time because reading one article from a trusted top-rated site can give you a strong grip on the topic. In short, one should not start writing without doing research on that topic.

Quality Writing is Important

Do you understand the meaning of quality writing? It requires zero grammatical mistakes, accurate punctuation, and fine use of vocabulary as per the context. Ask yourself if you have these skills or not. Random piece of writing with zero harmonies is of no use because these types of blogs do not get accepted.

Your writing should revolve around the main agenda that you want to discuss in the blog and it is crucial to crafting subheadings accordingly. Quality guest posts can bring more yet potential traffic to your website. Therefore, it would be better if you avoid sub-quality content.

Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is not tolerated in any piece of writing whether a normal blog or a guest post. It doesn’t matter which article you read as a reference, try to not use the same words in your blog because it will affect the originality.

High DA publishers can even put your website on the black list. You should prefer to write relevant content that can actually prove effective and can serve the purpose of search engine optimization.

Follow Publication Rules

When you do guest posting, it is crucial to follow publication rules because the acceptance and rejection of articles depend on those rules. Publishers do not accept an article that contains a poor context. You should mark all rules and try to write accordingly.

It would be better if you reread the article before sending it for publishing because mistakes can affect the quality of a blog. This step will help in maintaining the quality of the article and you’ll get them published.

Choose What Seems Easy

There is no need to write on something that seems beyond your effort. You should choose an easy topic that can relate well to the business and publisher’s site. You can add a byline to explain what makes you best for the discussed topic while you can even link to other published guest posts too.

This will increase brand awareness and you will see an improvement in the domain authority of your site. Most people believe that a domain authority of 40 or above is good enough to ponder, however it would be even better if you choose a site with a DA above 70.

Keep Blog’s Audience in Mind

Guest blogging is obviously done with the purpose of marketing so it is vital to consider the targeted audience while writing an article. You should ensure relevance with the business site while making sure that the audience will also take interest in reading that blog.

In short, the above-mentioned facts are crucial to ponder for successful guest posting. These facts can even help in increasing the approval rate from the publisher’s side as long as you follow the guidelines mentioned by the publisher.

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