How to Build a Memorable Brand Name for Your Business

How to Build a Memorable Brand Name for Your Business

When it regards something as essential as naming your firm, there's often a sense of fulfillment that comes from picking the perfect name that will produce your desired outcome.
And while choosing the appropriate name for your company is never simple, doing it right can increase your firm's success rates.
A solid brand name is the first step toward effective branding, which is the most crucial component of establishing a thriving business.
And, as tough and intimidating as naming a business might be, there are, luckily, various techniques to quickly identify the most effective name for your company. That's why we're going to reveal four important ways on how to come up with a business name.  
Let's get started.

Four Important Considerations For Naming Your Business

Have A Defined Goal In Mind For Your Company

Understand that outlining your corporate goals is the first step toward building a great brand identity for your company. You should get important concepts that describe your startup’s goals, purpose, and ambitions.
Once you've established these concepts, including the long-term targets you want your company to meet, construct a few keywords to describe them.
Evaluate these keywords thoroughly and choose a few that best represent your business. These will operate as the foundation for your firm's branding.

Establish an Accurate Tone for Your Business

The value your business holds in the minds of your customers is connected to the kind of tone your brand name communicates. Your brand tone gives buyers a clear sense of the core value and personality of your business. If done effectively, it will attract a bigger customer base; if done wrong, it could scare them away.
Developing an appealing tone that is aligned with your company's principles is an important way to influence how your audience perceives your firm.
Spend time examining your clientele and understanding their fundamental traits, what they do, and what they actually care about, as this will provide you with a clear picture of what the appropriate tone for your company should be.
Knowing your clients can help you decide if your startup’s tone should be:
⦁    Intriguing
⦁    Amiable and inviting
⦁    Emotionally impactful

Create Your Brand Elements

Your chances of finding a great name have risen, but the search isn’t over since you'll still have to deal with your firm's branding element. Your brand's elements not only play an important part in business naming but also form the foundation of your brand's identity.
Customers will quickly misunderstand your business if your branding elements are unaligned with their actual needs. So, understanding your brand’s elements is crucial for generating catchy name ideas as well as building an appealing brand. 
The simplest approach to identifying your brand’s element is to outline your:
⦁    Big ideas: What are your company's driving principles?
⦁    Values: What are your company's personal or market values?
⦁    Story: Do you have an engaging story about your company to tell?
⦁    Benefit: Will you provide extra perks to your customers?
⦁    Emotions: What feelings would you like your customers to experience?
⦁    Value proposition: Why should customers care about your brand.?

Begin Brainstorming Your Brand’s Name  

Combining all of the facts we've explored above can help you identify the kind of name your startup needs and make it much easier to brainstorm the perfect brand name.
Brainstorming sessions are often thrilling and exciting, but they can also be mentally draining. Any founder who wants to establish a successful brand should not be reluctant to get feedback from friends, relatives, associates, and employees.  
When researching, you will be flooded with both excellent and terrible name suggestions. But don't rush towards adopting or dismissing any of them. Take your time writing down anything that pops up. This will provide you with enough materials when you begin testing your name ideas.

Choose Your Ideal Name and Get it Trademarked  

After you've decided on a business name, select a tiny portion of your target audience to review the word and check whether it resonates with them. And if it doesn't resonate with them, try something different because coming up with a name is meaningless if your clients don't like it.
Once you've evaluated your proposed name and verified that it's suitable for your customers, make sure to trademark it. This will prevent other businesses from utilizing your company's name.    

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Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world's leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients such as Nestle, Dell, Nuskin, and AutoNation. 


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