How Brands Can Grow Their YouTube Audience

How Brands Can Grow Their YouTube Audience

YouTube stars are popular because theyre creating content theyre actually interested in, and can geek out with fans. If youre not pumped about what youre posting, your audience wont be either.

NewsCred spoke with two huge YouTube channels, Rooster Teeth and WatchMojo, about what they did to achieve a high subscriber count, billions of views, and a dedicated audience.

Once you hit your stride like these creators and channels, you can foster brand loyalty, close leads, and provide content to the people who matter the most to your company: your customers.

In the brand space, the leaders are Disney and Samsung, which have nearly three billion and one billion views on their channels, respectively. Not surprisingly, one of the top B2B channels is Google Analytics; it has over 11 million views and 113,000 subscribers.

Take Ray William Johnson, who posts humorous how-to videos, vlogs of his commentary on everyday life, and videos on odd facts. He boasts more than 10 million subscribers and 2.8 billion views. Not to mention, hes pulling in $4 million a year for his work. Jenna Marbles, who got famous for her makeup tutorial video four years ago, has over a billion views, nearly 15 million subscribers, and makes $4.3 million a year. The DC Toys Collector channel, which showcases the unboxing of toys, made one mystery woman $4.9 million in 2014. She has 3.9 million subscribers and more than five billion views.

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