5 Best Ways: How to Build Your Online Marketing in 2022?

5 Best Ways: How to Build Your Online Marketing in 2022?

If you have been involved with any small or large-scale e-commerce business, you might know how marketing channels are significant for promoting products and services. 

Although there are tons of marketing channels that you can use for your business, you have to do some tests and trials to figure out which channels are the most worth investing time in when it comes to generating results. 

Let's talk about how you can win your online marketing by using the most effective channel in 2022. 

SEO Optimized Website 

Remember that as an e-commerce business, you must have a relevant website to showcase your products and services. Research from Pardot has proven that almost 8 out of 10 customers use Google search to find products for shopping. Therefore it is crucial to publish SEO-optimized content on your website to make it searchable through the Google search engine. 

For instance, if you are selling swimming pool supplies and accessories, you must have an eCommerce web with a working check-out feature so that your customers can do shopping directly to your website. 

Your website should be appropriately optimized using your niche-related keywords and LSI to get more organic customers through search engines. 

Connect your business website with a back-end blog where you can share your insights about your product in the form of reviews and ratings. A detailed review can help your customers make a purchasing decision about a product after reading its salient features, pros, cons, and specifications. 

It is really indispensable to have a business website with all of the crucial information about your business, such as an address, phone number, toll-free number, name of the owner, and names of staff members. You can also put any other information on the contact us page you believe your customer may look for on the website to verify your authenticity.

Marketing Through Podcasts


Your audience may be of different types; they could be readers, watchers, and listeners. To get maximum profit out of your marketing effort, you must try to create your content to fit different types of audiences. 

Commonly, many people don't like to read through a lengthy block of text just to find out how good or bad a product is. You can use podcasts to reach those who prefer to listen to podcasts while driving, performing household chores, and working out in the gym. It is understandable why most people don't like to spend time reading a lengthy textual Blogspot, it could be very time-consuming.

You can produce your podcast shows on different scripts related to your brand's success and winning products. You can list your podcast shows on different portals, such as Apple Podcasts, Spreaker, Podbean, and Castos. 

There are unlimited categories for you to choose from when it comes to listing your shows for promotion. 

You can also contact individual podcasters who promote third-party businesses to their followers for a small fee.

PPC Marketing

There is no secret that you can generate millions of sales using fate platforms like Facebook ads and Google ads. Both of these platforms are excellent marketing channels for eCommerce businesses worldwide. 

With the increased number of advertisers using these platforms, getting your targeted ROI could be tricky after running a PPC campaign. However, if you focus on creating customer-oriented advertisements using Top Notch content, you might benefit from the PPC campaign. 

To make the most of your PPC campaign, you need to create the advertisement that you believe will convert into sales. 

Sponsor Advertising

If you have watched super bowl 2021, you might have noticed that famous influencers were marketing all major products because all major social influencers have a lot of followers on their accounts to generate sales easily.

If you have some budget aside to invest in paid marketing, you can use it to collaborate with famous influencers on all major networks. For instance, if you intend to generate sales for a beauty item, you can contact beauty and influencers on Instagram and ask them to give a shout-out to your product. You can also request them to share an honest review about your product with their followers. Almost all influencers charge a small fee to force a sponsored advertisement on their accounts. You can negotiate with them and come up with the best deal for both parties.

Social Media Marketing

What customers online you must have on all social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Remember to list your business on Facebook Marketplace so your customers can shop directly to your Facebook page, make sure to offer customer support through the chatbox. 

Make an Instagram page and put all your efforts into creating engaging, entertaining, and attention-grabbing content so you can get followers naturally on your account. Once you have thousands or millions of followers, you will be able to make sales quickly to your Instagram account. To generate more sales on Instagram, you must have a lot of followers. 

Suppose you are looking to get results in the shortest time, perfect social marketing. Invest your money in advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. You will definitely get positive results from these channels because there are millions of users looking to shop for products online there.

Make sure to list your store and business on all active marketplaces used by most customers such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Newegg. More sales come naturally when you list your items on the marketplace that gets billions of organic visits every day.


You need to use all the marketing channels to maximize the growth of the business and its sales. Your revenue will start scaling up with time. You should use both free and paid marketing opportunities to attract more customers. Connect with your existing customers on social networks to promote your services to them using state-of-art methods such as email marketing, podcasting, and video advertisement.

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