How To Start A Google Adwords Campaign

How To Start A Google Adwords Campaign

How to Start a Google Adwords Campaign:

Google Adwords is a marketplace where companies pay to get their website ranked right with the top organic search results, based on keywords.

The essence of this whole thing is that you select to promote your brand/company based on keywords where a keyword is a word or a phrase the user searches for on search engines and then sees your advertisement. Your ads will only appear only when the keywords you chose get searched for.

Google then counts the number of clicks on your ads and charges you for every click received. It also counts impressions i.e. the number of times your ad has already been shown to users when they searched for a given keyword.

Now when you divide click by impressions, you get the CTR i.e. Click-through-rate. CTR is the percentage of users who land on your ad page, by clicking on your advertisement.

Google Adwords is a great platform for people who own a company or a business and want to grow their business significantly. Google Adwords can play a major role in achieving this goal. Google Adwords is a highly important digital marketing tool which aids in boosting a website’s ranking as well as the traffic on that website. Numerous companies and businesses choose Google Adwords to advertise their products across the globe. Also, Google Adwords targets new customers for them and help such organizations grow leaps & bounds.

What is Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is a platform offered by Google released on 23rd October 2000. It is an impactful advertising tool also popularly known as Google Ads.

It is an online platform that allows companies and businesses advertise their products, services, application installations or various other offerings to the internet users within the Adwords network.

This online platform offers a bidding space to the advertisers who bid on certain keywords that are perfect for the brand and relevant for its growth. These keywords appear as the clickable ads for the Google search boxes.

Google Adwords is all about auctions and bids. There are millions of businesses and startups choosing Google Adwords for advertising their products and boost their lead attraction and conversion consequently boosting up their sales.

The advertisers are required to pay fee for these clicks and this is how Google earns money from searches carried online.

The key to excel using Google Adwords is the right choice of keywords, strong content, authentic information, high quality CTR ads etc. If one abides by all these requirements, Google Adwords is guaranteed to help the company or the business grow meaningfully.

Most of the times, Google Adwords places the advertisements on two broad networks to target internet users:

Search Network:

It is the network where advertisers bid on the most relevant keywords. When any internet user type and search information using those keywords, the advertiser automatically gets an opportunity to display the related advertisement. Search network can be any search engine including Google itself.

Display Network:

This is the target network where advertisers can display the ads they want to as banners on the websites which are a part of the Google display network like various online videos, mobile applications including shopping and gaming apps etc. The display network method is known to reach more than 85% of the users using search engines online while they search anything on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.

Let us understand Google Ads Keywords:

Keywords are the backbones of any Google Adwords Campaign. Success rate of a campaign can be amplified with the usage of right and well-organized keywords. These are either a word, set of words or phrases used by the users while searching any information on internet.

For instance if you have a keyword Shop Pure Handloom Sarees for an advertisement and when a user searches for Shop Pure Handloom Sarees, your advertisement will automatically appear in their search result due to the chosen keyword.

Google Ads Keywords are the keywords chosen by the advertisers on which they bid to see their advertisements with the top searches of Google Search Engine Page. More appropriate is the choice of keywords by an advertiser, higher will be the chances of the brand or company fetching more views and leads and boosting sales simultaneously. In order to derive the most result oriented keywords, advertisers can use keyword research tools. These help them to choose the right keywords, which can not only bring higher traffic on their websites and applications, but also give a significant boost to their sales and profit as well.

Also, Google has a list of premium keywords which are expensive and fetch high profit not only for advertisers but for Google as well. Most of these keywords are related to the Finance Sector and Industry Sector and are sold by Google for highly premium prices.

Now if a startup, say in Industry sector comes up with the thought of using Google Adwords to advertise its brand or company but feels skeptic investing a huge sum in buying expensive keywords, Google offers a few useful tips to help them choose the keywords which are bound to give proportionate or higher returns.

1. Unambiguous Selection:

While on the run to choose right keywords, advertisers are advised to be as specific as possible. When you are investing a major chunk of your advertising budget on Google Adwords, avoid being vague at all costs.

2. Keyword Quality Score:

Choose keywords with high quality scores as it will help you reduce your CPC considerably.

3. Appropriateness:

The keywords you opt for must be chosen very carefully and should be highly relevant in order for your advertisement to get displayed in the topmost search results of the users.

4. Landing Pages Optimization:

Landing pages play a major role in increasing visibility, attracting leads, leads conversions, higher sales and increased profits. It creates a chain effect.

5. Use Display Networks:

You are advised to use display networks if you want to build or boost awareness and recall of your brand. Also, this helps you control your CPC.

6. Play Wisely with the Choices:

An advertiser needs to be clever while choosing the right combination of default keywords, phrase keywords, exact keywords and negative keywords for the best possible campaign results.

How Google Adwords Bidding Works:

Over a period of time, Google Adwords has occupied a significant position as an online advertising tool. In Google Adwords bidding, numerous companies around the globe participate, play with various keywords and play the auction. These companies use various choicest keywords to represent their products. The keyword selection depends upon the quality and ranking of your advertisements on Google Search Engine Pages. The rank of a certain advertisement is calculated by the Maximum Bid Times Quality Score of the ad. Consequently the advertiser whose advertisement fetches the highest rank, wins the top position in the Google Adwords Auction. Google penalizes the advertisers who bid in spite of poor quality scores and low level rankings.

There are majorly two types of bidding approaches:

  • Traditional Approach
  • Alternate Approach

Let us discuss these two briefly:

1. Traditional Approach

The Traditional Google Adwords Bidding Approach is all about CPC. In this approach, once you get your advertisement displayed as Google Adwords Advertisement, you need to pay Google a fee every time an internet user clicks on your advertisement. Also, the average CPC varies depending upon the kind of company, business or industry.

2. Alternate Approach:

The Alternate Approach to Google Adwords Bidding is based on two different methods namely CPM and CPA.

CPM – ‘Cost Per Thousand Impressions’ is widely used in order to evaluate online advertising campaigns through advertisement impressions where ‘impression’ is the manner in which a particular advertisement appears on a web page, a website or an application. CPM, majorly calculates the cost of internet ads and is applicable only for display network bidding and may or may not include remarketing.

CPA – ‘Cost Per Action’ or ‘Cost Per Acquisition’ bidding method. CPA is an alternative to CPC wherein a maximum bidding cost is specified and paid per action or conversion unlike CPC where the advertisers themselves quote the bidding cost to be paid per click. You need to have completed minimum 15 conversions in past 30 days to be eligible to bid via the CPA method.

Google Adwords Campaign:

A Google Adwords Campaign is an ad campaign within an Adwords account and usually comprises several ad groups. Each ad group serves different ad texts based on the type of keyword an internet user may fill into Google’s search engine. Common ad campaign groupings include geography, device segmentation and product type. For example A Handlooms selling brand can choose to have different advertising campaigns for its different products.

An Adwords campaign is much more than simply sitting back and waiting for internet users to come and click your ads. You need to ensure that the ads created by you are being displayed to your target customers and not some random bunch of internet users. Also you need to ensure that you are paying the right price for the keywords, and the keywords are helping you reap the maximum possible returns.

While choosing Adwords keywords, some basic aspects if kept in mind can lead to better results in any Google Adwords Campaign.

  • Guaranteed Qualified Traffic
  • A Higher Click-Through Rate – CTR
  • A lower Cost-Per Click CPC
  • Better Paid Search Engine Rankings
  • A Higher Quality Score

Steps to create a Google Adwords Campaign:

1. Set Clear Objectives & Goals:

You need to be clear about your goals and objectives while setting a Google Adwords Campaign. You need to decide if you are trying to build brand awareness, increase brand recall or reinforce brand sales etc. More specific you are about your objective, higher are the chances of success.

2. Define Target Audience:

Before starting any advertising campaign or Google Adwords Campaign to be more specific, you need to be clear about the audience you are willing to target. This will help you strategically streamline your whole campaign and ensure maximum campaign output.

3. List Relevant Keywords:

You can use SEO Book Tool to build a list of keywords. Creating a campaign for brand terms is more lucrative than keyword terms.

  • Set the Campaign Budget & Biddings:
  • Set your campaign budget carefully and spend on the keywords bound to offer you maximum benefits. Spend wisely.
  • Create the Adwords Campaign:

In order to finally create your Google Adwords Campaign, go to the login page, click on the ‘Campaign Summary’ and then ‘Keywords Targeted’. Now name your campaign and select your preferred list of countries. More the chosen countries, higher the reach. Although this might reduce your traffic quality in some cases.

Now write down your advertisement text and try to be clear and precise. Add the list of keywords you created beforehand and continue. Set our budget and default CPC. Higher CPC usually leads you to higher ad positions fetching more clicks.

4. Create High-Performing Landing Pages:

Landing Pages are the pages through which internet users reach your website and get information about your products, services or offerings. If your landing pages are wisely selected and are impressive enough, chances of searchers clicking on your ads increase ensuring higher lead attraction and conversion rates. Landing pages should not be too long or short, should be attractive and engaging, should contain all the relevant information about your products, services or offerings and should have a call to action element as well.

5. Install Conversion Tracking:

Conversion tracking is an essential Google Adwords Tool which helps a business or company in knowing the sales score resulting from a certain number of clicks. When a user clicks on your ad, it doesn’t necessarily convert into sales, thus conversion tools provide you the exact information. Also, it helps you filter leads, downloads, product or enquiry sign-ups etc. It allows you to filter the working campaign areas and optimize you bids, keywords, ad texts and more accordingly.

6. Create Remarketing Lists:

Remarketing is a significant tool, through which advertisers can be notified about the buyers who displayed interest in their products or services even if it didn’t result into sales. This is an important tool to spot leads and boost future sales.

7. Regular Adwords Optimization:

In order to ensure maximum results from your Google Adwords Campaign, you need to keep evaluating and optimizing your keywords regularly, which includes introducing new, more fruitful keywords and eliminating the old ones which are not yielding the desired outputs. It is a reiterating process and should be conducted regularly for higher visibility, sales and business growth.

8. Profit Evaluation:

In this step, we need to constantly evaluate the results and profits a given Google Adwords Campaign is helping us achieve. Also keep optimizing your campaign planning and strategy formulation in order to reap maximum benefits from your Google Adwords Campaign.

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