Reason #1 Of The Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Write Daily

Reason #1 Of The Top 5 Reasons Why Bloggers Write Daily

Did you know that according to the "Organization of Prosperous Bloggers"- 95% of successful bloggers feel the need to blog every day? Well, maybe not because to the best of my knowledge the "Organization of Prosperous Bloggers" does not exist. But it is true that I'm starting a new blog series answering the question of why bloggers write daily. As you may have guessed from the title this will be 5-part series, I could make it one long post but then you'd probably get bored and click away. Whatever you don't do that, it's rather lonely without you. This topic comes from an Infographic included in Bonnie Gean's recent product release called Infographic Kick Start- it's a fantastic PLR product that includes so much more than just blogging material and it's all put together in a "done for you" style so that you can use it as is or spruce it up with your own flair. As an online marketer, you should definitely check it out.

This series will run each Wednesday but don't worry I'll link to each blog post as the next is published so that you can be sure to read them all or go back for a refresher. Welcome, to part one, which is titled...

Engage Your Readers

Engaging with your readers is not the same as writing engaging content. Confusing isn't it. Engaging content can be like a mystery novel that you simply can't put down. In this case, you are not interacting with the content instead it is holding you captive. To engage your reader means to get them involved - to get them to interact, comment, or take action. And you do this by writing content that adds value, talks directly to their problems, and encourages involvement.Let me give you a few examples-

Ask readers what they want to learn

The purpose of my site here, Marilyn Thompson Solutions, is to help you build the online business of your dreams, and I do that by providing tips, tutorials, reviews, and more about blogging, using WordPress, and assorted online marketing issues. So I put the question to you - "What do you want to learn that I can help with?"

  • How to create captivating headlines?
  • How to choose an affiliate company?
  • How to create an opt-in form?

Whatever it might be that I can help with, just let me know in the comments below.

Keep your blog design clean

This may sound more like a "how-to create a blog tip" but it also helps to engage your reader. Blogs with hard-to-read type, a variety of pop-up ads, and colors that make the reader close their eyes will send your reader away. Instead, use images that compliment your post, when you can find those that help to convey your message - single images work well but infographics work great. Avoid technical jargon unless you're writing on a procedural topic. Keep the sentences short to make your reader feel comfortable and connected. Break up long text using bullet points and add in a short video if it applies to your topic.

Stay on topic

Not only will this help engage your reader it also makes it easier for you to write. You may have chosen a somewhat broad topic for you blog, for instance, parenting advice for parents of toddlers. Your blog posts would include something like - 3 ways to deal with a picky eater, how to keep them active and focused, or tips for choosing the right preschool. You would not toss in a post about your experience having the car serviced or a review of your favorite movie. These experiences may be entertaining but they are not why your readers return to your blog.

Mix up your style

If you always write blog posts in the same format and style, your blog becomes boring. It's a tough lesson to learn but think of it as eating out in a restaurant. For the most part, we like to try different restaurants, different venues, and different dishes at our favorite spots. Most of us don't eat out at the same place and have the same meal - what's the point in eating out? Mix up your writing style with -

  • Top 10 lists
  • Product reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Add videos or podcasts

Make your blog an interesting place to visit and your reader will become involved and engaged. Don't let your great writing go unnoticed. Do your best to make your blog posts stand out, remember the Internet reader skims so start with a title or first sentence that grabs. You can check out the entire infographic here to see the topics of the remaining posts in the series and don't forget to leave your answer to my question below or to share your thoughts on ways you engage your readers. To your hard-earned success, Marilyn T PS: Have you checked out infographics Kick Start?

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